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Sell your unwanted gold, silver, diamonds, coins, and other jewelry for cash at The Quarter Smith.

Items we buy for cash:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Rings
  • Braclets
  • Cufflinks
  • Necklaces
  • Class Rings
  • Money Clips
  • Chains
  • Fine watches either working or not
  • Earrings
  • Coins
  • Dental Gold
  • and any other precious metals or jewelry...
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you buy gold and silver?
Do you buy diamonds?
What is your return policy?
Are there any additional charges?
Are your prices flexible?
What is the condition of this item?
What is a GIA appraiser?
When does my check clear?
Do you have a layaway plan?
Daily operations?
What does 'style' mean?
About your order?
Do you purchase jewelry?
Do you have additional information on items?
Do you sell loose diamonds?
Do I pay sales tax?
What does 'suggested retail price' mean?
Will my purchase be appraised?
What does 'your price' mean?
Do you have an antique jewelry repair department?
What is your special order policy?
May I upgrade or sell an item I purchased from you?
Charges for shipping?
Custom wedding bands?
Gold and Silver Bullion?
  Yes, we buy gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. Our experienced staff will evaluate your itmes and make you an offer based on the current market value of gold, silver, diamonds, etc. We will purchase a single gold ring, a collection of coins, rolex watches, pocket watches, or even an entire estate sale of fine jewelry. Contact The Quarter Smith today to turn your jewelry into cash.
  Yes, we do buy diamonds. Owner, Ken Bowers, is a GIA certified gemologist, and will personally evaluate your mounted or loose diamonds. We will buy your diamonds or can even mount your diamonds into a custom designed piece of jewelry. Contact The Quarter Smith today to turn your diamonds into cash.
  Please note that this is essentially a wholesale site and as such, we are dedicated to selling at competitive prices. If you want a full-refund on your purchase, I might suggest you look for a retail-site. They will also give you a 'story' with your purchase.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Every item of jewelry that is ordered is non-returnable & non-refundable due to the fact that it is made to order. For this reason, please check that all your diamond measurements are accurate and the settings are made to fit the diamond you have in mind.

All Items except special orders
We will be happy to issue a store credit for any item that you are not entirely delighted with that you have purchased from us. Please call us within 24 hours of receiving the jewelry to let us know that you would like to return the item. We permit an additional 24 hours (48 hours if received on a Saturday) to ship it fully insured, in perfect condition, in the original box. A credit will be issued that may be used within 1 calendar year.

JEWELRY REPAIRS: Please note that any item of jewelry purchased from us is no longer guaranteed by The Quarter Smith when a jeweler not authorized by us has worked on it. This applies to stone setting, ring sizing and any other repairs.
  RING SIZING- We do not charge for rings purchased from us that require sizing

Some jewelers size rings by stretching and soldering, other jewelers size rings by insetting and welding. It is much easier and cheaper for a jeweler to stretch a shank to increase a ring size, it saves money by not having to add any gold or platinum and precious metals are expensive, even in very small quantities. Other jewelers inset the equivalent of the size required to enlarge the ring, in so doing neither thinning the metal nor reducing the integrity of the ring.

Some rings cannot be sized, such as some irregular eternity rings, enameled rings, rings with stones near the sizing area that respond poorly to heat, and rings that need to be sized either up or down so much that to do so would compromise the integrity of the mounting. We always list the size of our rings and in our description where you will find details as to whether or not they are easily sizable.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax; 9% Louisiana sales tax will be added to every sale shipped to an address within the State of Louisiana.

Domestic Shipping; All domestic sales are shipped fully-insured UPS with a tracking number. Items under $1000 dollars are usually shipped by UPS ground, anything over that are usually shipped UPS Overnight. Items weighing over 10lbs will automatically be shipped UPS ground unless the customer specifies otherwise.

International Shipping: Sales are shipped by UPS overnight.
  You are welcome to make an offer on any piece, as we are welcome to decline any offer. smile
  Here at, we pride ourselves in the very high quality of our stock. Although a great many of our pieces are up to and some over 100 years old, we are very discerning buyers and purchase only the very finest in quality. Please note that should a jeweler not employed by The Quarter Smith work on any item of jewelry purchased from us, we can no longer be responsible for the condition of said item.
  G.I.A. is an abbreviation of Gemological Institute of America. This institute supports a standard of identifying the color, cut and clarity of diamonds in order for us to compare stones. With a little research you will understand this form of grading. Knowing what quality and shade of diamond you will be happy with is your first step in procuring your diamond.
  When a check is debited from your account and credited to our account, it makes us very happy! If we wanted, we could spend all day on the phone to the bank asking if individual checks have cleared, however, some banks, in the interest of security, don't supply this information. In addition to this, just because our account has been credited, it doesn't mean that your check has been cleared. In the interest of time, we ask you to allow 7 working days for check clearance, just as our bank indicates. Of course, if you would like to avoid the wait, you could take a trip to the bank yourself and purchase a cashier's check which we treat as cash. There is no clearance and no 7 days wait. This speeds things up for you considerably and avoids the necessity of you having to call with your banking details. You may even like to send it overnight; this will speed up the process even more. Please understand that your ring will be sized and/or shipped the minute your payment has cleared so you do not need to 'bug' us. It is in our interest to ship your ring as soon as absolutely possible.
  Yes we do!

The Quarter Smith offers a 90 day Layaway Plan for all those desperately trying to disguise their credit card jewelry expenditure! By means of small payments over a maximum period of 90 days, customers can make their monthly jewelry budget look much more comforting.

The minimum purchase requirement for this is $1,000 and there is no maximum. Please call before hand if the purchase is over $5,000.

Please note that all items purchased through layaway are nonreturnable and nonrefundable
  Both Adam Bowers and Ken Bowers personally read EVERY e-mail that is sent to . Is this comforting? I try to communicate personally with as many potential customers as possible because this is how I would like to be treated.

We respect the privacy of every one of you by removing your purchased items from this website as soon as payment is credited to us and we then send you an exclusive link to your purchase.

Every item you buy from us is shipped UPS and you are not just notified of the UPS tracking number, we also give you the anticipated day of arrival and UPS is pretty accurate. When your e-mail sent by UPS is returned to us, we take the time to contact you to redirect it and ensure you have important delivery information.
  This is the term we apply to any item of jewelry we believe was not made during the era the style represents. We use the word 'style' in our item titles only, the page and small item titles are too short to accept this many characters. We are sorry if this is inconvenient for you but even internet functioning has some drawbacks.

Because there are insufficient original period rings, especially engagement rings to supply the increasing demand for aesthetic and unique styles of engagement ring, we offer a wide selection of engagement rings made in the Art Deco and Edwardian styles.

Our rigorously quality controlled engagement rings are almost impossible to discern from the original, often being mounted with European-cut mele in addition to an old mine-cut, European-cut or Rose-cut diamond center-stone. We mount these attractive engagement rings, which we are very confident to sell for constant and heavy wear, with antique-cut diamonds, old mine-cut and European-cut diamonds to equate the demand with supply.
  Please check first on the availability of the item(s) you are interested in by emailing us with the reference number. If the item is still on the website, it is generally available. We accept cash, checks, wire transfers, money orders, & most major credit cards.

If you would like your ring to be sized, please make sure of the size before we size it. If we have to size it twice, we will charge you the second time. PLEASE ALLOW 3 DAYS FOR ALL RING SIZINGS

CHECKS sometimes take longer than expected to clear. Be sure to note that even though the funds have been taken out of your account and been posted to ours, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT HAS CLEARED. Checks have been taking up to 10 working days to clear. So if you are in any kind of hurry, please save yourself the time and unnecessary worry by sending a money order or cashiers' check, or use your credit card. Those of you who have done business with us, know that STOCK IS SHIPPED OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, 'safe-space' is a big consideration here!
  Yes, we buy gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. We also buy diamonds, rolex watches, pocket watches and other jewelry. Our GIA certified gemologist will evaluate your gold and jewelry and make you an offer. We purchase items daily. You can call, e-mail, or come by to speak to us. If you are interested in selling an item of jewelry, please have the item and any paperwork you have ready. If you are emailing or calling, please have a picture of the item you wish to sell and a copy of the appraisal ready to send to us (if available). Please let us know the least you want to realize from this item and we will let you know if it is something we are interested in purchasing.

If our price is less than you had expected, you might opt to have us offer it on to 3,000 new potential customers a day who visit our site.
  We do try to add all the available information at the time of description writing but if there is a specific question you have, I will do my best to answer it for you. As we purchase jewelry in sizable quantities, I can guarantee that we have no information on the previous owner or the provenance of a particular item other than that which you can find in the description. This includes any touch-marks, hallmarks, signatures or other authenticated ways of identifying either the maker or the country of origin. Where the name or country is specified, please note that this is verifiable information and not purely an opinion.
  We do sell loose diamonds. You need to e-mail, call, or come by to discuss what you are looking for. In addition, if you already have your mounting, you need to have all of the dimensions from that so that we can assure a good fit. If you purchase a stone from us, and already have the mounting, we will set your stone in your mounting (assuming no work is necessary to get the stone to fit) for free. All you pay for is shipping and insurance.


Cut to the chase, if you want to make this purchase fast, reliable, professional and easy with guaranteed success, purchase your diamond and your setting from us. Your engagement ring will be delivered perfectly mounted by experienced jewelers, boxed and accompanied by an appraisal you can use for insurance purposes. Four steps in one easy process at the most competitive price.
  Anyone receiving a package shipped to a Louisiana address will incur 9% sales tax. Any item shipped outside of Louisiana is sales tax exempt.
   This is the estimated retail value and the agreed upon appraisal price.
  If you are spending $1,000 or more on any item of jewelry, you will receive an appraisal to allow you the option of insuring your jewelry.

If you are spending less than $1,000 on any item of jewelry, it will not be accompanied by an appraisal. However, if you wish to purchase an appraisal for any item you are purchasing from us for less than $1,000, the price is $50.

We can also appraise other items for you, the price averages $50 dollars a piece.

  This is the price you will pay for the piece.
  Our 'Antique Jewelry Repair Department' is known around the city of New Orleans, for being able to fix a piece, when it has been deemed "unfixable". We have been in the business for about 35+ years. If you have an item of jewelry that needs repairing, please send us a picture and we will be happy to give you a quote before you ship to us.

We also have a silver repair and restoration department on site. Again, please send a picture for a quote. You can also ship your item to us for a no-obligation quote.
  Any item of jewelry that is specially ordered is nonreturnable& nonrefundable it is made to order, thus keeping our prices low.

If a Special Order is a specific ring size that has never been made before, a mould will need to be hand-carved. This process takes additional time and a great deal of labor, so please be patient and understand that this job is partly executed for us as a favor due to the fact that the additional time it takes to custom-make a mould will not enable the first order to be financially viable for the manufacturer. Due to this fact, some items will require more than 12 weeks to order, so please be sure to plan well in advance if you are considering placing a Special Order. We cannot be responsible for late delivery of Special Orders. While we do everything in our power to ensure our customers are happy with every order we fill, we are not manufacturers and we can only tell you that the majority of orders are fulfilled and shipped well before the estimated delivery date.

The outstanding balance you are welcome to pay by check, cashiers check, bank draught, money order, postal order or wire transfer, or credit card.

Please note that we are very sorry but we do not accept credit card payments from International customers and yes, Nigeria and Indonesia, this includes you.
  If you purchased an item of jewelry from The Quarter Smith that you wish to sell, we will be happy to take it back for full credit applied to another piece we have in the store.
  Domestic Shipping UPS

Most pieces will have the shipping charge listed for domestic shipping.

If you are making a domestic purchase, you will be quoted our fully insured UPS service price which you may wish to estimate as taking a maximum of 5 days to reach you (this estimate varies during holiday season), depending on your destination. Any item over $1,000 will automatically be shipped overnight.

When you order or inquire about an item of jewelry on our site, you will conveniently be sent the shipping charge in the event you wish to purchase it.

International Shipping by UPS
If we are shipping your order internationally, you will be offered the choice of having it shipped fully insured or uninsured.

If we ship your purchase for the maximum insured value available to your destination or country, it will be accompanied by a matching invoice. You may be required to pay import duty and import tax to your government through 'Customs and Excise' which regulates the rate of tax levied on specific items when they reach an international port of entry.

If your package is shipped with minimal insurance, it will be accompanied by a matching invoice upon which you may not be required to pay import duty and import tax.

Please contact us to inquire what maximum amounts UPS and USPS are willing to insure a package for to your specific country, bearing in mind that we have not found a carrier that insures internationally for more than $2,500. FedEx does not insure jewelry, UPS does not appear to insure internationally for more than $500 (select countries only) and USPS insures for up to $2,500 (select countries only).

Please note that there is no saving to be gained from us by shipping Global Express through USPS as opposed to UPS.

  We will be happy to custom-make a matching fitted wedding band for almost any engagement ring on our site. If you are interested in receiving a quote, please contact us with the reference number you would like to receive a quote for.
  We buy and sell gold and silver bullion, all at very small spreads. Please contact us anytime via email, or by phone for a quote. We can arrange for UPS to pick up your gold or silver, and can have the funds wired or a check overnighted to you within 24 hours.

The Quarter Smith
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